3 Ways Obama Has Left

Top 3 Ways Obama Has Left The World In Ruins

Since taking office, Barack Obama and his foreign policy team have neglected numerous global problems and fixated, instead, on the crescent of countries where Asia, Europe, and Africa collide.

At this point, the results have been nothing short of disastrous. From the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf, there’s barely a country in the region that hasn’t withered under Obama’s touch. Thanks to his handiwork, the United States is weaker than ever… and an already-fragile region is bordering on chaos.

Of course, Obama doesn’t deserve all of the credit. His Secretary of State, John Kerry, has amassed an impressive track record of his own.

For example, Kerry’s single-minded obsession with the Israeli versus Palestinian conflict has yet to provide any results. In fact, this past week, Kerry’s dream of either a successful Palestinian state or a two-state solution officially died.

In his arrogance, he believed he could solve the epic struggle for the land of Judea that has raged on since at least 1000 B.C. In the end, though, John Kerry joins a long list of diplomats who’ve been unable to solve this conflict.

Kerry was downbeat and depressed as he told the AP about the failure: “They say they want to continue. But we are not going to sit there indefinitely. This is not an open-ended effort. It’s reality check time.”

The Palestinian official, Yasser Abed Rabbo, countered to AFP: “Israel has a habit of evading agreements and conventions it has signed… That is why conditions for future negotiations must change radically.”

Not to be outdone, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni denounced Palestinian attempts to join numerous UN conventions and treaties ahead of any comprehensive agreement. He said Palestine “has breached its obligations by applying to the United Nations,” and that “if they want a state, they need to understand that it will only be established on the negotiating table.”

And That’s Just the Beginning…

Moving on, let’s take a look at Kerry and Obama’s efforts to end the Syrian civil war. First, Obama drew a red line, threatening to take out Bashar al-Assad if the dictator used chemical weapons. Assad then cleverly used Russia’s protection to thwart Obama’s plans, making Obama look incredibly weak.

On the ground, Syria has become a ruin of dead civilians, refugee camps, and the sort of intense ethnic bitterness that leads to prolonged fighting.

What’s more, Russia has poured millions of dollars’ worth of weapons into Syria, and the civil war is now at a stalemate. The negotiations for a political resolution have quietly died, and Obama and his team look powerless to achieve any of their goals.

Across the Persian Gulf, Obama’s diplomatic efforts in Iran have done no better. Today, Iran isn’t any closer to giving up its nuclear weapons program than it was before the United States compromised with the radical Shia government.

Obama gave up the leverage of economic sanctions and gained no concession in return. Unfortunately, Iran now seems destined to provoke a wider war or gain entrance to the club of nations with nuclear weapons. The Iranian nuclear program has also greatly undermined regional stability.

That’s part of the reason the Saudi leadership is seeking a new partner to guarantee its safety. At this point, China and Russia are both potential patrons for the Arab kingdom.

Similarly, Egypt is looking for new friends after U.S. agreements with the Muslim Brotherhood nearly turned the country into an Islamic revolutionary republic. And let’s not forget Libya, which is slowly making the transition to a radicalized, Sharia-governed state.

Everywhere you look, Barack Obama’s attempts at peace and stability are in shambles. The people on the ground are poorer, the countries are less safe, and human rights abuses have skyrocketed.

The moderates in the Arab world need to pray for a more realistic leadership in the United States before the entire region descends into chaos.

3 Ways Obama Has Left

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This Could Be the Best

This Could Be the Best Prank Ever Pulled on a Teacher

A Michigan economics professor was caught off guard when his students played an incredibly awkward prank on him this April Fools’ Day.

According to a video that captured the prank, the Aquinas College professor has a policy of requiring students to answer their phones on speaker if they ring in class.

“We arranged to have a friend call on April Fools’ Day,” the video explains.

As planned, a student’s phone rang in class and the professor forced her to answer it on speaker.

“Hi, this is Kevin from the Pregnancy Resource Center,” the individual on the other end of the line said. “Per your request, I am calling to inform you that the test results have come back positive. Congratulations!”

The teacher, visibly stunned, advised the student at that point that she might want to “shut that down.”

After the awkward call, the professor said he wanted to “publicly apologize.”

“Um, that’s OK. I’ve been expecting this and I already know what I’m going to name the baby,” she said. “The first name will be April and the middle name will be Fools.”

The classroom erupted in laughter, with the professor confessing that he was relieved it was a prank.

The video has amassed more than 3.4 million views on YouTube.

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According to MSNBC, Jeb Bush Is Now the GOP’s Only Hope

Republicans have but one savior ahead of 2016 and his name is Bush. That is the takeaway from watching much of MSNBC’s programming this Monday after former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush issued the clearest signal yet this weekend that he is considering a presidential bid in 2016.

A series of commentators and guests appeared on that cable news network to weigh in with their thoughts on a potential Bush candidacy in 2016. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most were convinced that Bush was the strongest possible GOP candidate to take on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a general presidential election.

Alas, a variety of MSNBC guests submit, the Republican Party’s myopic, thoughtless, and insufficiently demographically conscious primary voters are likely to sacrifice their one shot at the White House by overlooking Bush’s conservative bona fides due solely to their antipathy toward immigration reform.

“He’s showing where people are at,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told the hosts of Morning Joeregarding Bush’s position on immigration. Schumer added that, if the party does not embrace Bush’s version of immigration reform “this year,” the 2016 cycle is “almost certainly” already lost to Republicans.

MSNBC.com Senior Editor Beth Fouhy, in an appearance on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co., observed that the GOP’s long term prospects as a part are “growing narrower and narrower” even though they are well positioned to pick up control of the Senate in November.

“If they’re only going to be the party of older white people, they cannot win at a national level,” she added. “And that’s why, perhaps, Jeb Bush thinking of getting into the 2016 race is giving them a glimmer of hope, because he is talking about being more compassionate toward minorities, toward immigrants.”

“Most people agree — Republican, Democrat, independent, whoever you are — Jeb Bush would be a strong general election candidate for Republicans,” The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza observed. He noted in passing, though, that the “brand problems” associated with his brother’s presidency persist though he did not seem believe that would be more of a disqualifier in a GOP primary than a general election.

And all this before 1 p.m.

As forward-thinking and accomplished a presidential candidate as Jeb Bush may appear to be to MSNBC’s guests and analysts, it is unlikely he will retain those credentials if he became the nominee — a fact of life to which those nasty GOP primary voters have become all too accustomed.

Watch the clips below, via MSNBC:

According to MSNBC  Jeb Bush Is Now the GOP’s Only Hope   Mediaite

UPDATE: Shortly after 1 p.m. on Monday, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow dubbed Bush’s statement regarding illegal immigration being “an act of love” a “refreshingly nuanced” comment. He and his fellow guests determined that Bush’s comments made him the program’s “hero of the day.”

According to Jeb

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Anatomy of Government Cover-Ups

Having been a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and self-appointed crime fighter for many years, founding and running Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, I have come to learn the hard way how our so-called government attempts to cover up its deceit, fraud and corruption. Indeed, there is a formula that applies in almost every case. This helps explain why congressional committees have not been able to obtain even a scintilla of justice for the atrocities committed by President Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades in scandals ranging from Fast and Furious-gate to Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate, Extortion 17-gate and a host of other egregious violations of the public’s trust.

A textbook Washington scandal can usually begin with a whistleblower – that is, someone inside the government who has a conscience and “blows the whistle” over criminal activity – coming forward to the press. When this happens, the media seize on and frequently sensationalize the story to reach readers and, in the case of cable news, viewers. After the story takes hold and begins its journey to reach critical mass, congressmen and senators exploit it to further their political interests and goals, appearing on Fox News or MSNBC and CNN, depending on which proverbial ox is gored – left or right, Democrat or Republican.

As the exploitation of the scandal grows, congressional committees are proud to announce investigations and hearings. These hearings may result in key witnesses being called to testify, such as IRS chief Lois Lerner who has the knowledge to implicate President Obama and his leftist enablers in high crimes and misdemeanors for singling out conservatives for discriminatory and illegal tax treatment. But when someone like Lerner is called to the congressional witness stand during a hearing, she will pull a trick like taking the Fifth Amendment, meaning that she will improperly invoke her alleged rights against self-incrimination. When this occurs, with the attendant public outcry, and when concerned influential persons and entities then up the decibel level to demand public accountability, to effectively shut off any further inquiry, the attorney general of the United States will announce a criminal investigation.

Those gullible enough to believe that the attorney general, who is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the president, has good intentions to get to the bottom of a scandal and prosecute wrongdoers are surprisingly prevalent in our media establishment. Indeed, given their political proclivities, if they are sympathetic with the administration in power, they are inclined to play along with this charade and deceive the public into thinking that the people will have effective law enforcement.

But the real reason the attorney general “decides” to investigate – during the Obama era the corrupt Eric Holder and during the Nixon Watergate era the likes of the felonious John Mitchell – is to effectively take evidence “off the market” for congressional investigators and others like Freedom Watch who want and need this evidence for their investigations and court cases. This is because once criminal probes begin and federal grand juries are empaneled, the administration in power is able to claim that all of the relevant evidence is off-limits as secret grand jury material.

And, as the Justice Department-run grand juries carry on – usually endlessly until after the administration in power leaves office – little to nothing happens in terms of law enforcement. If indeed a person or two wind up being indicted, they are almost always lower or middle level officials who take the fall for the higher ups, including but not limited to the president himself.

Why do these lower and middle level officials take the proverbial fall for their masters who put them in power? Assuming that they have not been bribed – which does happen – this is because if they do not play ball they will have no chance of being appointed to any future government position and could even risk, as in the Clinton years in particular, being killed. During these years, over 80 government witnesses and others capable of implicating the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics in major crimes simply vanished off the face of the earth like a Malaysian airliner. One can call my “observations” rank speculation and so-called conspiracy theory, but the law of averages would more than suggest that of the 80, at least a few were offed by the henchmen of Bill and Hill.

If the fear of being offed is not enough to quell other persons from coming forward to testify, the passage of time, given the American psyche that tires of most things after a period, will cause the media and their customers to lose interest. The end result: Corrupt politicians, government officials, judges and other public servants almost always skate free, particularly if you are an American president, who is truly above the law.

During the Clinton years, I obtained a court ruling that President Bill Clinton had committed a crime when he released the Privacy Act protected White House file of a woman who claimed that he had sexually harassed her in the Oval Office, Ms. Kathleen Willey. The finding by federal Judge Royce Lamberth was historic – the first in American history. But although I did much at Judicial Watch to uncover government corruption, government law enforcement predictably never followed through, and Congress failed to even impeach and convict Slick Willy.

Today, We the People are confronted by a tyrant far worse than Bill Clinton. Obama is a socialist who has shown disdain and enmity not just for the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, Israel, but the Judeo-Christian heritage in general. He has attempted to further the interests of his ultra-leftist agenda at the expense of those he perceives are part of the rich white establishment, preferentially elevating “his people” over others who are not of his ilk and liking; turning upside down the discrimination he seeks to right for those dear to him.

In so doing, President Barack Hussein Obama has used every dirty and lawless trick in the book to try to achieve his distorted and perverse mission, giving rise to what he has coined and dismisses as “phony scandals.” And to thus far cover up these scandals, he and his minions have used the traditional means of which I speak to keep truth and justice from the American people.

Obama and his comrades may think, for now, that they have been clever, but in the end justice will be done. We the People cannot and will not be kept down for much longer. The dam built of government fraud and cover-up is about to burst. The country cannot and will not take it any more. All legal means must be used to bring these criminals to justice. But justice will not come from congressional committees or federal grand juries! It will come only if we ourselves have the courage, as the Founding Fathers did in 1776, to risk all to save the nation and by extension ourselves and loved ones.


Help Larry Klayman with his class-action suit against Obama’s use of the NSA to violate Americans’ rights