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Global Warming Will Cause War, Pestilence, Famine and Death, Says New IPCC Report Inevitably

Today sees the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest findings on the state of “global warming” and the news isn’t good.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Giant malarial mosquitoes the size of crane flies may descend en masse and drain us of our blood so quickly with their powerful razor sharp probosces that we won’t even have time to be infected – we’ll be dead before we hit the floor;
  • Bangladesh, Tuvalu, The Maldives and Florida will all be submerged;
  • Four horsemen with skulls for faces, glowing red eyes and huge scythes will gallop across the blighted land on skeletal horses spreading fire, pestilence, famine, and disease. Men will pray for the quick release of death. Children will clutch their parents and say: “Why didn’t we listen?”;
  • The populations of horrid things like cockroaches and scorpions will quintuple, while all the cute animals – wrens, robins, meerkats, baby polar bears, kittens, sea otters – will vanish as if they had never been;
  • Men will say openly that Christ and His saints slept;
  • There will be war, war and more war.

We know this because the Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg is on the case. She has got in her climate doom predictions early and though she based her report on a leaked sneak preview rather than the finished document, she has undoubtedly captured the general tone, which is this: things are even worse than we thought!

And are things really even worse than we thought?

Not exactly, no. The real take-home story of the new report we already learned last week: that the latest estimates of the economic costs of “climate change” are considerably lower than previous projections; so much lower, in fact, that the costs could be offset by just a month’s global economic growth.

It’s to obscure this inconvenient truth that the Big Green Propaganda Machine will now be cranking into overdrive. Over the next few days – watch and listen: they’ll be all over the MSM like a suppurating pox rash – “expert” after “expert” will be dragged out of the woodwork to testify that, no, this time it’s serious and as a measure of the serious seriousness of it all it’s really about time we silenced those Big-Oil-funded climate deniers for good. Throw them in jail, at any rate.

Over the weekend we saw none other than the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, the bearded wizard Rowan Williams, sticking his crozier in:

Rich, industrialised countries, including our own, have unquestionably contributed most to atmospheric pollution; the development of profitable heavy industry relied on what we now think of as “dirty” energy sources, and involved environmental degradation on an unprecedented scale. Both our present lifestyle in the developed world and the history of how we created such possibilities for ourselves have to bear the responsibility for pushing the environment in which we live towards crisis.

This coincided with a report Taken By Storm by the charity he heads – Christian Aid – demanding “decisive action” to combat climate change.

The WWF is making similar demands:

Samantha Smith, leader of the WWF Global Climate & Energy Initiative says the report highlights, for the first time, the dramatic difference of impacts between a world where we act now to cut emissions, which now come mostly from using fossil fuels; and a world where we fail to act quickly and at scale.

“This report tells us that we have two clear choices: cut emissions now and invest in adaption – and have a world that has challenging and just barely manageable risks; or do nothing and face a world of devastating and unmanageable risks and impacts.”

Even the US Defense Department – to its eternal shame – has been co-opted into the green propaganda war. Last month it published its Quadrennial Defense Review,claiming that “climate change” could be a “threat multiplier.”

Climate change poses another significant challenge for the United States and the world at large. As greenhouse gas emissions increase, sea levels are rising, average global temperatures are increasing, and severe weather patterns are accelerating. These changes, coupled with other global dynamics, including growing, urbanizing, more affluent populations, and substantial economic growth in India, China, Brazil, and other nations, will devastate homes, land, and infrastructure. Climate change may exacerbate water scarcity and lead to sharp increases in food costs. The pressures caused by climate change will influence resource competition while placing additional burdens on economies, societies, and governance institutions around the world. These effects are threat multipliers that will aggravate stressors abroad such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions – conditions that can enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence.

This is about as close to meaningless nonsense as makes no difference – as, no doubt, a good many in the US military are more than aware. But it is the inevitable consequence of the way the climate change worm has infected almost every major institution from the scientific academies and the universities to the various departments of government.

Unfortunately, it has given the IPCC just the excuse it needed to shoehorn war into its long list of things that might be caused some time in the future by global warming. As Seth Borenstein – AP’s answer to Suzanne Goldenberg – reports it in his usual breathless fashion:

In an authoritative report due out Monday a United Nations climate panel for the first time is connecting hotter global temperatures to hotter global tempers. Top scientists are saying that climate change will complicate and worsen existing global security problems, such as civil wars, strife between nations and refugees.They’re not saying it will cause violence, but will be an added factor making things even more dangerous. Fights over resources, like water and energy, hunger and extreme weather will all go into the mix to destabilize the world a bit more, says the report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Yeah, Seth, whatever. But you didn’t get the stuff about the giant mosquitoes, did you? Or the four horsemen? Or the scorpions eating all the baby polar bears?


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Malaysia Official Admits Coverup

Malaysia Official Admits Coverup: ‘Sealed Evidence On MH370 Can’t Be Made Public’

(by The Straights Times, China Bureau) — BEIJING – A Malaysian team have told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public, as they came under fire from the angry relatives at a briefing on Wednesday.

The sealed evidence included air traffic control radio transcript, radar data and airport security recordings.

The briefing at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing focused on UK satellite analysis which led Malaysia to conclude that flight MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean, off Perth.

The Chinese relatives were told that a five-member high-level team from Malaysia plans to brief them once every five days. The team include MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar.

During the question-and-answer session, a relative said: “Thanks for demonstrating your ability to read every word out of the powerpoint slides.”

Another asked: “If the info is from UK satellite firm Inmarsat, does it mean the Malaysia team cannot answer our questions on the MH370 analysis?”

Faced with the barrage of questions from the angry relatives, the MAS team replied: “We can answer but we might not be correct as we’re not the investigators”:

They said Malaysia had requested for the British experts to join them for the briefing in Beijing but the latter declined.

They assured the relatives that the search and rescue operations for the plane have been stepped up but the hunt has been challenging as the search area is huge.

The Malaysian government and MAS have been criticised for their handling of the disappearance of MH370 on March 8. They have been accused of being slow in disseminating information and not revealing everything about the incident.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday night that based on latest UK data analysis, the plane had gone down in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean.

“We demand you retract announcement that MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean and continue search-and-rescue operations,” one relative said at the briefing.

Some family representatives targeted Malaysian envoy Iskandar Sarudin, asking him: “You expect us to accept a report you cannot defend?”

“No comment,” said Mr Iskandar.

He again declined to comment when asked “how do you expect us to feel friendly towards Malaysia?”

Upset by the response from the Malaysia team, a relative said: “You have once again left us speechless!”

Wednesday’s briefing was the first time the media were allowed to attend.

The relatives also accused MAS of not providing enough assistance to them.

“Two-thirds of MH370 passengers are Chinese but only 50 caregivers?” asked a relative.

 An airline official explained that they have had problem finding volunteers to help out.

When asked why the MAS office at the hotel was closed on Tuesday, the MAS officials said they were advised by the Chinese government not to be there given the tense mood among the relatives.

Malaysia Official Admits Coverup

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Details Emerge In Deadly Naval Base Shooting

Just hours after a sailor aboard a guided-missile destroyer was fatally shot by a civilian, reports are surfacing regarding how he attained the weapon. The incident happened late Monday evening at the U.S. Naval Station in Norfolk, Va.

Reports indicate an unarmed civilian who had permission to be on the base made his way aboard the USS Mahan, at which point he was confronted by a guard. A spokesperson for the base indicated a struggle ensued, and the civilian was able to disarm the security officer. He then used the firearm to shoot and kill a sailor attempting to aid the guard.

The gunman was fatally shot immediately following the encounter.

Navy officials indicate an investigation is under way, explaining the identities of those involved are being withheld until their families can be notified.

“We’ll find out what happened,” said Adm. Bill Gortney, “and we’ll prevent that from occurring again.”

Naval Station Norfolk’s commanding officer, Capt. Robert Clark, confirmed that “right now there is a great deal of information we don’t know just yet.”

Following a lockdown that lasted less than an hour, virtually all of the base’s normal functions recommenced. Twelve piers – all but the one at which the Mahan was docked – have returned to business as usual.

Despite increased security following last year’s Washington Navy Yard shooting and a recent active-shooter drill at the Norfolk base, this incident seems to prove that individuals determined to wreak havoc will typically find a way to do so. In addition to guards posted at each of the base’s entrances, each pier contains its own security force. Handheld ID scanners were recently integrated as another layer of defense.

Reports indicate the civilian was authorized to be on the base, though it is unclear if he had been cleared to board the Mahan.


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Arpaio Vows To Fight Back Against The Feds

Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, was in federal court this week to respond to charges that his department is not taking a court order regarding alleged racial profiling seriously. Arpaio, who is referred to by supporters and detractors alike as the nation’s toughest sheriff, is generally well-regarded by conservatives who appreciate his no-nonsense approach to fighting crime.

Of course, many on the other side of the aisle have criticized his stance on certain issues – such as fighting illegal immigration and restricting leisure activities for county inmates – which they consider harsh. His officers have also faced accusations of racial bias, leading to the imposition of federal oversight of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow led Monday’s proceedings, bringing Arpaio and his chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, into court to address their perceived dismissive attitude toward the ruling.

Last year, Sheridan made comments in which he called the court order “absurd” and suggesting Snow “violated the U.S. Constitution” in his decision.

When he addressed Snow Monday, however, he admitted those statements were misguided.

“I’m ashamed of the things I said during the briefing,” he explained. He admitted he “was very emotional” and “had gotten some facts incorrect.”

Among the mandates imposed under Snow’s order are the inclusion of a federal monitor, cameras in every deputy’s patrol car, and new training material.

While Sheridan apologized for his overreaction, his boss made it clear the department will not give in to federal demands without a fight.

“I’m only saying a few words,” he indicated after Monday’s hearing. “This is a court issue. All I’m going to tell you is that we will be appealing the case.”

Some of the MCSO’s detractors celebrated the recent development, including Lydia Guzman, an activist in the Hispanic community.

“The judge did give him a second chance,” she said, “and I’m hoping the sheriff heeds this warning. I’m hoping the judge will finally take this seriously.”

For his part, Arpaio remains popular among the county’s voters and indicates his intention to seek at least one more term in the post. He has earned international prominence due to his fearless adherence to the values he feels are vital to law enforcement; and, at the age of 81, he shows no signs of abandoning them now.


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Kooky Behaviour Monitoring

Experts Confirm TSA Wasted A BILLION DOLLARS On Kooky Behaviour Monitoring

Conclusions drawn by behavioral science experts have confirmed that the TSA has wasted close to $1 billion on training screeners to look for suspicious body language and facial expressions at airport lines.

The New York Times reported the findings this week, justifying criticism already raised by the Government Accountability Office last year that TSA’s “behavior detection officers” were a waste of taxpayer funds.

“The common-sense notion that liars betray themselves through body language appears to be little more than a cultural fiction,” Maria Hartwig, a psychologist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, told the Times.

From eye movement to sideways head movements, every perceived aspect of body language that has thought to be indicative of lying or wrong doing has been found to be an unproven theory only.

“There is no Pinocchio’s nose — no one cue that will always accompany deception,” said Leanne ten Brinke, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley and an expert in eye-movement studies.

“When you’re lying or cheating, you know it and feel guilty, and it feels to you as if your emotions must be leaking out through your body language,” noted Dr. Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago. “You have an illusion that your emotions are more transparent than they actually are, and so you assume others are more transparent than they actually are, too.”

The Times report notes how study after study over the last 60 years has provided no evidence at all to suggest that deception can be recognized through body language. In fact, there is essentially no more probability of finding a dishonest person through such methods than there is from randomly picking someone out of a crowd.

Yet the TSA still spent a billion dollars on such a program, and even defended it, despite the fact that there has not been one case of the program identifying a single person who has done wrong.

As the GAO pointed out, fewer than 1 percent of the more than 30,000 passengers a year who are identified as suspicious end up being arrested, and that not one single offense has been linked to terrorism.

From $50 million uniform contracts to $200 million mothballed useless body scanners, the TSA continues to be exposed as a colossal waste of money, as well as a den of corruption and misconduct.

Of course, the behavioral analysis program provides a magnificent excuse for TSA gropers to grab anyone they choose to pull aside and harass. All they need do is say that the person looked shifty, a technique that the agency is increasingly deploying OUSTIDE of airports, on the streets and highways.

Kooky Behaviour Monitoring

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Obama Family

Obama Family Spends More Than The Queen On Travel

“Without precedent” is how one member of Congress described it.

Another member announced it was “nearly unbelievable.”

No, they weren’t talking about the latest Obama girls’ outing to China. They were talking of the more than $1 billion spent on travel every year by Obama and his family.

Or, as Britain’s Daily Mail reported, Obama is spending 20 times what the entire royal family spends for travel. That sort of luxury and excess would make the sovereigns of any European nation wince.

The latest trip to China includes all the must-see sights, such as the historic city of Xi’an, the southern district of Chengdu, and the home of China’s beloved panda bears. American taxpayers should be in open revolt, as they’re footing the bill for this opulence and grandeur.

Adding insult to injury is the simple fact that Michelle Obama won’t answer a single question about the entire trip. And still we’re paying the freight….

Living Large in Spite of the Times

When the Obamas travel, they never seek to lower the bill. They stay at the finest private homes, rented for top dollar, or they check into the most luxurious resorts.

Figures and details are often hard to obtain, but the Washington Post estimated that the Obama’s June 2013 sojourn to Africa cost taxpayers $60 million to $100 million. The legendary size of the entourage forced the government to pay for 4,000 “room-nights” for the single stop in Johannesburg, South Africa. They also rented a mind-boggling $2-million worth of cars – that must have been nearly every auto in town!

Back home, Obama keeps a 747 at his disposal, ready to take off at a moment’s notice. He’s used the plane so frequently that the White House had to expand the number of pilots available since Obama was elected. As Andrew Malcom reported in the L.A. Times, “At an Air Force-estimated cost of $181,757 per flight hour (not to mention the additional travel costs of Marine One, Secret Service, logistics and local police overtime), that’s a lot of frequent flier dollars going into the president’s carbon footprint.”

The perks of the office don’t end with a plane, either. Not only does the White House have a theater; they have a projectionist available on standby 24 hours a day. Chefs, gardeners, and personal trainers are available for any family member at a moment’s notice.

Bored with the movies? How about a party? The Obamas have thrown the most ostentatious parties in White House history, including Michelle Obama’s infamous 50th birthday party. Beyoncé headlined the party, but it included musicians like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, James Taylor, Gladys Knight, and Mary J. Blige. Celebrities lined up to attend, including Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Ray, Billie Jean King, and Al Roker.

Meanwhile, our defense budget and foreign policy are in shambles. Our economy has sputtered and sank while Obama has been in office. Deficits are out of sight. Obamacare is on the ropes. Yet our First Family parties and lives large, passing the cost off to hard-working Americans.

It’s no wonder that Obama’s popularity is in the toilet.

Obama Family

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Exclusive – Study: Obama Most Well-Traveled, Expensive President In History Through Five Years

President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point in their presidencies, according to a forthcoming study from the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF) provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release.

“The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years, is also flying the most expensive-to-operate Air Force One to date,” NTUF wrote.

After five years in the White House, Obama has taken 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad. At that point in George W. Bush’s presidency, Bush had taken 28 trips for 116 days, while Bill Clinton had taken 27 trips for 113 days. Ronald Reagan, after five years, had taken 14 trips for 73 days while Richard Nixon had taken 12 trips for 60 days after five years in the White House and Lyndon Johnson took 10 trips for 34 days at the half-decade mark. Dwight Eisenhower took 8 trips for 31 days after five years in the White House.

Citing a recent report in the Washington Examiner that found through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that taxpayers are on the hook for about $228,288 per Air Force One flight hour in 2013, a 27 percent increase from the previously confirmed cost of $179,750 per fight hour that NTUF used in its last study, the taxpayer watchdog concludes that Obama’s flights have cost taxpayers more than any other president.

“Taken on its own, the $48,535 jump may not sound all that significant,” NTUF added about the cost increase for Air Force One. “However, when trips are many thousands of miles and span several time zones and continents, the difference can quickly add up.”

NTUF estimates that Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East “will likely involve about 29 hours of total travel time, assuming a cruising speed of 575 mph between Washington, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, and Riyadh, and then back to D.C.” That amount, the group says, is going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

“Using the previous estimate, the total cost of flying Air Force One between those international cities would be about $5,212,750,” NTUF wrote. “Using the new data, the cost comes out to $6,620,352.”

NTUF added that those amounts are just estimates, and the actual cost is likely to be higher. “While these figures are approximations, and do not account for the additional (and likely greater) expenses of transporting the President’s Secret Service and diplomatic entourage, backup aircraft, land vehicles, and advance security teams, it goes to show that higher Air Force One operational costs substantially change the budgetary magnitude of these trips,” NTUF wrote.


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Anatomy of Government Cover-Ups

Having been a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and self-appointed crime fighter for many years, founding and running Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, I have come to learn the hard way how our so-called government attempts to cover up its deceit, fraud and corruption. Indeed, there is a formula that applies in almost every case. This helps explain why congressional committees have not been able to obtain even a scintilla of justice for the atrocities committed by President Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades in scandals ranging from Fast and Furious-gate to Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate, Extortion 17-gate and a host of other egregious violations of the public’s trust.

A textbook Washington scandal can usually begin with a whistleblower – that is, someone inside the government who has a conscience and “blows the whistle” over criminal activity – coming forward to the press. When this happens, the media seize on and frequently sensationalize the story to reach readers and, in the case of cable news, viewers. After the story takes hold and begins its journey to reach critical mass, congressmen and senators exploit it to further their political interests and goals, appearing on Fox News or MSNBC and CNN, depending on which proverbial ox is gored – left or right, Democrat or Republican.

As the exploitation of the scandal grows, congressional committees are proud to announce investigations and hearings. These hearings may result in key witnesses being called to testify, such as IRS chief Lois Lerner who has the knowledge to implicate President Obama and his leftist enablers in high crimes and misdemeanors for singling out conservatives for discriminatory and illegal tax treatment. But when someone like Lerner is called to the congressional witness stand during a hearing, she will pull a trick like taking the Fifth Amendment, meaning that she will improperly invoke her alleged rights against self-incrimination. When this occurs, with the attendant public outcry, and when concerned influential persons and entities then up the decibel level to demand public accountability, to effectively shut off any further inquiry, the attorney general of the United States will announce a criminal investigation.

Those gullible enough to believe that the attorney general, who is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the president, has good intentions to get to the bottom of a scandal and prosecute wrongdoers are surprisingly prevalent in our media establishment. Indeed, given their political proclivities, if they are sympathetic with the administration in power, they are inclined to play along with this charade and deceive the public into thinking that the people will have effective law enforcement.

But the real reason the attorney general “decides” to investigate – during the Obama era the corrupt Eric Holder and during the Nixon Watergate era the likes of the felonious John Mitchell – is to effectively take evidence “off the market” for congressional investigators and others like Freedom Watch who want and need this evidence for their investigations and court cases. This is because once criminal probes begin and federal grand juries are empaneled, the administration in power is able to claim that all of the relevant evidence is off-limits as secret grand jury material.

And, as the Justice Department-run grand juries carry on – usually endlessly until after the administration in power leaves office – little to nothing happens in terms of law enforcement. If indeed a person or two wind up being indicted, they are almost always lower or middle level officials who take the fall for the higher ups, including but not limited to the president himself.

Why do these lower and middle level officials take the proverbial fall for their masters who put them in power? Assuming that they have not been bribed – which does happen – this is because if they do not play ball they will have no chance of being appointed to any future government position and could even risk, as in the Clinton years in particular, being killed. During these years, over 80 government witnesses and others capable of implicating the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics in major crimes simply vanished off the face of the earth like a Malaysian airliner. One can call my “observations” rank speculation and so-called conspiracy theory, but the law of averages would more than suggest that of the 80, at least a few were offed by the henchmen of Bill and Hill.

If the fear of being offed is not enough to quell other persons from coming forward to testify, the passage of time, given the American psyche that tires of most things after a period, will cause the media and their customers to lose interest. The end result: Corrupt politicians, government officials, judges and other public servants almost always skate free, particularly if you are an American president, who is truly above the law.

During the Clinton years, I obtained a court ruling that President Bill Clinton had committed a crime when he released the Privacy Act protected White House file of a woman who claimed that he had sexually harassed her in the Oval Office, Ms. Kathleen Willey. The finding by federal Judge Royce Lamberth was historic – the first in American history. But although I did much at Judicial Watch to uncover government corruption, government law enforcement predictably never followed through, and Congress failed to even impeach and convict Slick Willy.

Today, We the People are confronted by a tyrant far worse than Bill Clinton. Obama is a socialist who has shown disdain and enmity not just for the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, Israel, but the Judeo-Christian heritage in general. He has attempted to further the interests of his ultra-leftist agenda at the expense of those he perceives are part of the rich white establishment, preferentially elevating “his people” over others who are not of his ilk and liking; turning upside down the discrimination he seeks to right for those dear to him.

In so doing, President Barack Hussein Obama has used every dirty and lawless trick in the book to try to achieve his distorted and perverse mission, giving rise to what he has coined and dismisses as “phony scandals.” And to thus far cover up these scandals, he and his minions have used the traditional means of which I speak to keep truth and justice from the American people.

Obama and his comrades may think, for now, that they have been clever, but in the end justice will be done. We the People cannot and will not be kept down for much longer. The dam built of government fraud and cover-up is about to burst. The country cannot and will not take it any more. All legal means must be used to bring these criminals to justice. But justice will not come from congressional committees or federal grand juries! It will come only if we ourselves have the courage, as the Founding Fathers did in 1776, to risk all to save the nation and by extension ourselves and loved ones.


Help Larry Klayman with his class-action suit against Obama’s use of the NSA to violate Americans’ rights


School To 8-Year-Old: Jesus Is No Hero

Second grade students at Cerro Gordo Elementary School in North Carolina were recently given a fairly common assignment. The kids were asked to think about who they consider to be a hero and begin writing a paper explaining their decision.

When 8-year-old Ryleigh Watts returned to class and informed her teacher who she wanted to honor, however, her mother said she was told to “write about something different.”

Who was the proposed subject of young Ryleigh’s paper? Jesus Christ.

“I think she should have freedom to write about what she wants to write about,” Heather Watts said of her daughter. “If she wants to write about Jesus, she should write about Jesus.”

According to a local NBC affiliate, the school disputes the controversy, explaining “we have learned that students were not restricted from writing on any topic of their choosing.”

The official statement encourages “our parents and guardians to contact or visit their child’s school to address any concerns.”

Ryleigh and her mother, however, are not budging from their original story. Watts met with both the school’s principal and her daughter’s teacher and reports that the situation has not been rectified. The young girl, she confirmed, must still find a new hero for her report.

The ordeal, Watts concluded, amounts to the school trampling on a student’s constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and religion are clearly delineated in the Bill of Rights; and, as she noted, both are being attacked through this assignment.

Obviously, students in school are held to a somewhat stricter standard than Americans in other environments. Rejecting an 8-year-old’s report based only on her admiration of Jesus Christ, however, is objectively discriminatory.

Much to the chagrin of many leftists, there is no basis for schools – or any public place – to ban personal displays of Christianity. Activists across the nation, however, seem to be pursuing that very goal.

In reality, Ryleigh’s choice made much more sense than any other imaginable subject. Christ left a perfect place to lay down his life for all mankind. If ever there was a story of heroism, the Gospel is it.

Unfortunately, today’s morally bankrupt public education system apparently has no room for such a message of love and hope.

Profane rappers like Jay-Z are heralded as role models by this administration, while kids idolize vampires and other monsters brought to life by leftists in Hollywood. Either of these choices, one might assume, would have been enthusiastically embraced by Ryleigh’s teacher.


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SHOCKING: Al-Qaeda Operatives Inside The IRS

Al-Qaeda spy and convicted felon Weiss Russell is currently working as a financial management analyst under the IRS Deputy Chief Financial Officer. As reported by Patrick Poole of PJ Media, Russell was convicted of spying for al-Qaeda operatives in 2008 for secretly accessing the FBI’s database to tip off al-Qaeda operatives who were under surveillance.

And this is rumored to be just the tip of the iceberg!

What is our Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, doing about al-Qaeda operatives infiltrating the IRS? Launching an investigation? Raiding IRS offices? Rounding up all the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood operatives in his administration? None of the above. Obama has in fact welcomed Islamists into his administration with open arms.

Time to impeach Obama.


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