Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 13 Teen Boys

Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 13 Teen Boys for Breaking One of Its Oppressive Religious Laws: Report

For 13 teenage boys in the Iraqi city of Mosul, watching the Asian Cup soccer match between Iraq and Jordan would reportedly cost them their lives.

Under the Islamic State’s barbaric ideology, the act of watching the game on television was anoffense punishable by death. The young boys were grabbed by terrorists and then publicly executed by a firing squad, according to the activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 13 Teen Boys

Before being shot to death by machine guns, the terrorists reportedly announced the boys’ “crime” of breaking religious laws by watching sports over a loud speaker.

The activist group added, “The bodies remained lying in the open and their parents were unable to withdraw them for fear of murder by terrorist organisation.”

Mosul is currently controlled by Islamic State militants who impose their will on the people with brutal force.

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Jesus Is Muslim

“Jesus Is Muslim” Billboards Taken Down–Here’s How

Perhaps you are wondering what I am talking about.  Maybe you missed out on my commentary from last week.

If you did, you need to read it.  Otherwise, this commentary won’t make much sense to you.  The Muslims put up a series of billboards in Columbus, Ohio declaring “Jesus Is Muslim.”

Here is the story.  It is worth the read.  Jesus Is Muslim.

So we held our rally.  It poured down rain the entire time.  It is a wonder that anyone came.

But they did.  About 100 stout hearts battled the elements to stand up for Jesus.  There is a lot of good info on my Facebook page.  We have posted some great moments from the rally…vids of the powerful speakers.  It is worth your time to visit and read the reports.  Go here.

But the bottom line is that the Muslims took down the “Jesus Is Muslim” billboard.  You read that right…THEY TOOK DOWN THE SIGN!!

I don’t think you understand the significance of that statement.  We are not some powerful media outlet…we used social media to draw a crowd.  We didn’t ask them to take the sign down.  We didn’t whine and complain about how they dishonored Jesus.  We didn’t beg them to be nice.

We just showed up.  That’s it.  We showed up on the streets and called them liars.  They took down the sign.

It didn’t take a court order.  It didn’t require us burning down any building.  It didn’t require months of negotiations.  We simply showed up.  We told them their sign was a lie.  They made a weak attempt to defend it.  They said “anyone who submits to God is a Muslim.”  That was all they had.

We never once asked them to take the billboard down.  We believe in free-speech.  We made them blink.  They took the sign down.  Light always causes darkness to flee.

Watch this 2-minute video report.

Today, I would like to share with you a few take-a-ways from this episode.

Muslims use lies and deceit to advance Islam.  Although they call it a “religion of peace,” nothing could be further from the truth.  Just like Christianity, Islam has millions of followers who are “cultural Muslims,”  just like we have many “cultural Christians” in America.  A”cultural” adherent is often one who was born into the faith and has adopted it because it has been passed down generationally from their parents.

Usually, these followers are shallow.  Millions of Muslims are MINO…Muslims In Name Only.  They are peaceful and will not fight to death for their faith.  Just like millions of Christians…Christianity is a religion…not a way of life.  Just like Christians, many Muslims do not understand what their religion teaches.

True believers, on both sides, tend to be more radical.  A devout Christian dies for his faith.  A devout Muslim kills for his.  We better begin to recognize that difference (and soon.)  The closer Muslims get to following Mohammed, the more violent they become.  The closer Christians emulate Jesus, the more loving they will become.  True Christianity is driven by love.  True Islam is driven by hate.

One of the signs on the billboard said MUSLIMS LOVE JESUS TOO.  If that is true, why are the Muslims killing so many of Christ’s followers?

A few pastors did come to our event.  Most are from small, country churches that are not swayed by the glitz and glitter of “ministry.”  There are thousands of faithful, God-fearing pastors who are willing to lay down their lives for their faith.  But they are not unified.  They are not networked.  Many are awake and aware of what is going on in America.

The “soon coming rapture” theory is paralyzing this nation.  Christians will not fight back against evil because they have been taught by their pastors that bad is good, meaning the worse things get, the better it is.  That means Jesus’ return is right around the corner.  To fight evil is to fight against God.  That idea is anathema to Christianity.  Jesus said “occupy until I return.”

Most Christians only occupy pews.  They feel no responsibility to fight for holiness in the world.  They ignore all of the action verbs in the Scriptures like ”Go, contend, speak, wrestle, occupy.”  If they really believed the end was near, they should be running from house to house compelling man to turn to Christ in order to “flee the wrath to come.”  They don’t even follow what they claim to believe.

Showing up DOES make a difference. Here is the truth. Even though we did not ask them to, the Muslims took down the billboard that said JESUS IS MUSLIM. This shows the power of showing up and speaking out. Once we began to shine the light on the Truth, THE MUSLIMS TOOK THE LYING BILLBOARD DOWN. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather. Prayer mixed with action does make a difference…just as faith without works is dead, so is prayer without action!! GOD’S NOT DEAD. JUST SHOW UP AND LET GOD SHOW OFF!!! The Muslims know we are watching…

What is Love?  Let me ask you a question…which is a greater demonstration of love? Helping someone after they have been hurt…or preventing them from being hurt? For the most part, our churches are hospitals where the sick are repaired…rather than fortresses where God’s soldiers are trained. If helping someone after they are injured is love…isn’t protecting them before they are injured also love? By speaking the truth to our friends, we can prevent them from being injured rather than helping them be healed. Jesus prayed till blood came out his pores…and then he got up and went…aren’t you glad He did more than pray? Prayer is the power to propel our actions….prayer makes action effectual.

You can’t just pray…and you can’t just go. You must do both. Prayer softens up the enemy…like the air force during a battle. Prayer softens up the enemy so that the ground troops can be more effective. Jesus prayed and went…most Christians only pray; very few go. When you go, the power of prayer can be felt. The idea that God will do for us what we can do for ourselves is misguided. The Word says our faith can move mountains; but sometimes moving the mountain requires us getting a shovel and digging. Why would God end abortion when He gave US the power to end it? Pray and Go. That is the answer.

Most Americans knew very little about Islam before 911.  If you were like me, most of my knowledge of Islam came from the movie “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and Indiana Jones’ journey throughout the Middle East.  Since then, the Muslims have been hard at work teaching us some things that simply are not true.  Most pastors are frighteningly ignorant of Islam.

Our featured speaker last Saturday was Rev. Rusty Thomas.  His fiery speech is posted on our Facebook page.  Permit me to summarize some of the great points he made. He addressed Islam from a legal, historical, and biblical perspective.

(History) Wherever Islam protests in democratic nations, you will observe signs that expose their ideology. “To Hell with Freedom,” “Down with Democracy,” “Islam Will Rule the World,” and other such signs are common place. Once Islam takes root and grows, soon other demands are enacted. Sharia law seeks to supplant the laws of the land in free nations.

Go to any nation where Islam rules and try to find a hint of freedom of speech and religion. You will search in vain. There are only three choices granted in places where Islam dominates. They are: convert, become their slave (Dhimmi), or die. There are no other freedoms, no other choices. Every nation that lets the Islamic camel’s nose into the tent of freedom eventually rues the day.

(Legal) Supreme Court Justice Joseph Storey, who served the high court from 1811-1845, commenting on the meaning of the First Amendment stated, “The real object of the First Amendment was not to countenance, much less to advance Mohammedanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity, but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects [denominations] and to prevent any national ecclesiastical patronage of the national government.”

No other faith, worldview, or philosophy of man is capable to set men free from the tyranny of sin from within or despotism of men from without. As America resorts back to the brutal darkness of paganism, it is not a coincidence that she is losing her freedoms as well. Islam may very well prove to be the harsh taskmaster to drive home this reality, if our nation does not repent.

(Biblical) No man, religion, worldview, or philosophy has the authority to define or redefine Jesus Christ. He has already revealed Himself in the 66 books that comprise the Holy Bible. God’s Word warns, “Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar” (Proverbs 30:6). Ecclesiastes 3:14 concurs, “I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him.” Jesus stated, “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me” (John 5:39). Every word of the Bible points to Him. He is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). No other so-called “holy book” either claims or comes close to this revelation.

If this billboard (Jesus is Muslim) was presented as evidence in a court room, it would be considered perjury. Thus, in the court of public opinion and in religious circles, the billboard needs to be judged as slander, heresy, and blasphemy.”

I used to tell my football teams that often the hardest part of winning is simply showing up.

We showed up, and they took the billboard down.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

I wonder what else would happen if we simply showed up…

Jesus Is Muslim

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Jihadist in Syria Explains How U.S. and Turkey Supply Them With Weapons

The fighting and human slaughter in Syria is so bad that the region is definitely home to some serious propaganda wars as well. While the video below is not definitive or independently verified, it does provide information that could be quite useful. It purports to show a Syrian rebel explaining how the U.S. and Turkey are conspiring to get weapons into the hands of the Syrian rebels.

It should be noted that the jihadists who are receiving these weapons are the same ones who are persecuting and slaughtering Syria’s Christians that so desperately need help. You may not have final say on where your tax dollars go but you can certainly help Christians with what the government lets you keep.


As recently reported, the U.S. and Turkey are the top two most powerful NATO member countries and comprise more than 50 percent of the body’s military forces. If the video below is accurate, it would help to explain why the other 26 NATO countries have been expressing support for Syria’s jihadists as well.

Syria Tube is a pro-Assad channel that promotes the “Military operations of the Syrian army to eliminate terrorism”.

As BNI points out, the video indeed raises questions about why Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi meeting with Turkish Consul General Ali Said Akin shortly before the Special Mission Compound was attacked.

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Liberalism Byproduct: Islam CAIR Leader Helps Muslim Brotherhood Launch Political Party in the U.S.

Shoebat) — Nihad Awad, the Executive Director for CAIR, has announced the launching of a Muslim Brotherhood political party in the U.S. called the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO).  Investor’s Business Daily reports that the “membership reads like a Who’s Who of Brotherhood front groups” and says that USCMO seeks to “elect Islamists in Washington” who will seek to institutionalize Sharia law.

Awad: Starting Muslim Brotherhood Political Party in U.S.

Awad: Starting Muslim Brotherhood Political Party in U.S.

On its website, the USCMO even describes itself as “an umbrella group” for Muslims. Founding members of this USCMO are proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and include the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and others. Of course, it’s easy to see how the Muslim Brotherhood would be the “umbrella group” for the USCMO.

It’s not uncommon for the Muslim Brotherhood to have a separate, political party that does its bidding. In Egypt, the Freedom and Justice Party was one such entity and it was the party of Mohammed Mursi, who is now in jail and identified as a leader of a terrorist organization, a designation the new government in Egypt has given to the group.

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Islam – The Religion of Propaganda – Claims Jesus is Muslim

I about wrecked my car when I first saw the billboard. One of my friends had sent me a picture of it, but I had to go and see it for myself. There it was bigger than life! JESUS IS MUSLIM!


“What the heck?” I said under my breath as I watched the electronic billboard switch messages. I don’t know if I have ever read a more ridiculous statement.

Jesus IS (present tense) Muslim. Where do they come up with this crap? We live in an age of universal deceit. This sign was flashing across the landscape in Columbus, Ohio in an attempt to soften the underbelly of American Christians into the acceptance of Chrislam…the merging of Christianity and Islam based on the idea that we “all serve the same God.”

A little more investigation revealed that this was a marketing campaign of the followers of the “Religion of Peace” designed to make the throat-cutters a little more palatable to the tolerance-mesmerized American citizen.

Here is a link to their campaign found at Ask A Muslim which is designed to “educate non-Muslims.” Spend some time on that website. You can see how there are marketing their lies.

But that wasn’t the only message they were putting on the billboards educating we Christian Infidels about the great features of Islam. Their messages rotated on the billboard…




Gee. If I didn’t know better, I would think that Muslims and Christians were just one big happy family sitting under the authority of their Daddy Jehovah/Allah.

Nice of the Muslims to “educate” us, isn’t it? By the way…according to our research that is about $2100 per message…4 messages per sign…$8400 per month per billboard…three different billboards in Columbus…about $25,000 per month to “educate” us on the fact that we are actual brothers.

Our oil money is paying for the “education.”

I guess I don’t understand why, if we all serve the same God, that our Islamic brethren are sharpening their swords on the necks of our Christian friends around the world. Must just be a miss understanding. After all…we all serve the same God…them and all of Jesus’ followers.

I have noticed one unusual aspect of our relationship, however. It seems like the more closely one follows the life of their prophet Mohammed, the more violent one behaves…while true followers of Jesus becoming increasingly more peaceful.

Jesus must not be a very good Muslim.

Here is where it gets gritty. It seems as if some of those who are in Jesus’ half of the family are starting to realize that Allah is just another name for Abba Father. Here is a well-known pastor declaring we serve the same God. Watch the first 2 minutes of this video.

This is dangerous stuff folks. And in case you didn’t know, the Muslims are not decedents of Ishmael, as is often taught in our churches. It might be important for us to get this one right.

We know of two of Abraham’s sons. Ishmael was birthed through his hand maiden Hagar, while Issac came from the loins of his first wife Sarah. That’s right…Sarah was not Abraham’s only wife. After her death, Abraham married, or at least had in his concubine, Keturah, who gave him six sons. It is from this line that the Arab’s descended.

Don’t take my word for it. You can study more about it here. (This is a great link to start.) Most Christians are woefully ignorant about Islam and its origins.

Islam did not begin until Mohammed received a “visitation by an angel” 600 years after the death of Jesus the Christ. How could Jesus be a Muslim?

Muslims “believe in” Jesus. But they believe Jesus was merely a prophet…not the Son of God. Muslims teach “Allah had no children.”

Jesus isn’t Muslim. Jesus is the Son of God.

They are lying to us folks.

How scandalous to use Our Savior to draw people into murderous Islam. Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was the Son of God. They don’t believe He was crucified on the cross. They deny the resurrection. Other than that, they think Jesus is a pretty good camel-jockey. They’re OK with the fact he lied about the God-thing. Muslims think lying is cool. The end justifies the means. Anything to advance Islam…even putting up lying messages about Jesus on billboards. All good Muslims lie.

Why would they do that? Because they can’t hold up their own prophet as a role model…even though their religion teaches Mohammed was the “perfect man.” We need look no further than WDMD, What Did Mohammed Do?

For starters, Mohammed married a six-year old girl, although he was kind enough to wait until she was nine to consummate the marriage. He wasn’t very good on women’s rights either. No wonder they have to use Jesus to try and draw folks into Islam. Pedophilia is a hard sell, even in today’s seeker sensitive, judge-not churches.

I have watched the local news every night for a week waiting for someone to raise a stink about dragging Our Savior through the mud. We have challenged the pastors to fight back because souls are at risk.

Silence. They are cowardly. They know the message on the billboard is a lie. They know it will lead people into Islam. They know Jesus is being used to further the enemy’s agenda, but they don’t care. They have bills to pay, ears to tickle…and Jesus is returning soon…so why bother? Let’s just let Jesus clean up the mess when He comes back any day now.

Well, we are going to do something about it. We are going to call the Muslims out. We want them to prove what they put on those billboards. We support their right to do it. We believe in free speech. But we want them to put up or shut up. We are not afraid of them. We are gathering to make sure that Columbus knows that JESUS WAS NOT MUSLIM!!

For more information, please visit our event page. Become one of our supporters. Friend us on Facebook. You can follow us there.

When David ran towards Goliath he yelled “Who is that uncircumcised Philistine that defies the armies of the living God?”

How dare them!
How dare they hijack Jesus during the most sacred of Christian seasons? Can you imagine if Christians had put a billboard up in a Muslim neighborhood reading “JESUS IS LORD” during Ramadan? You know what the reaction would be…hope you have fire insurance.

Free speech is a Christian ideal. There is no free speech in Muslim countries. First they want to hijack our airplanes, then our Constitution, soon our nation, and now they want to hijack our Lord to advance their agenda.

Tell me Pastors, when will enough be enough? Where will you draw your line in the sand?

I’ve drawn mine. It is time to push back. Is there not a cause? Jesus isn’t Muslim. Jesus is Lord. Jesus Akbar!

Please pray for us and Take 5 minutes to watch this.

Learn more about your Constitution with Coach Dave and the Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift.

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The Supernatural Thing an Ex-Muslim Claims Guided Him to Christianity

Author Nabeel Qureshi has detailed his journey from Islam to Christianity in his new book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” describing how he believes a God-given vision and dreams led him to embrace Jesus Christ.

Qureshi, a lifelong Muslim who was born in the U.S. after his parents immigrated from Pakistan, recently recalled a series of events that led him to appeal to God to answer a spiritual question that was eating away at his soul: Should he follow Jesus or Muhammad?

“I needed to hear from God himself who he was,” he wrote in an op-ed for Christianity Today.

Despite years of embracing and defending Islam,Qureshi said he became “overwhelmed by the evidence” for Christianity during his college years as he more intensely studied Islam, feeling as though the faith of his childhood couldn’t withstand scrutiny.

Qureshi met David Wood at Old Dominion University in Virginia, a classmate and a Christian who quickly became his best friend. The two would frequently debate theology, leading Qureshi to begin questioning Islam’s pertinence.

After graduating college, Qureshi said he began regularly praying and asking God to show himself, and he said the Lord answered.

“I remember in the Quran it says, ‘Allah hears those who call out to him.’ In the Bible it says, ‘Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened,’” Qureshi told the Christian Post. “So when I was asking God for these dreams I’m basically saying, ‘God of theQuran and God of the Bible, both of you are saying that you will answer me if I call out to you, so whoever you are God, I need you now.’”

He claims to have had a vision and three dreams by the time he completed his first year of medical school. There was one dream that he said was particularly memorable.

“In it I was standing at the threshold of a strikingly narrow door, watching people take their seats at a wedding feast. I desperately wanted to get in, but I was not able to enter, because I had yet to accept my friend David’s invitation to the wedding,” he wrote. “When I awoke, I knew what God was telling me, but I sought further verification. It was then that I found the parable of the narrow door, in Luke 13:22–30. God was showing me where I stood.”

While he felt God was guiding him toward Christianity, Qureshi struggled with the idea of abandoning Islam — something he knew would separate him from his family and bring his parents shame. But he said he simply couldn’t escape the inevitable.

He converted, finding intense comfort in the Bible, but says his parents were “shattered” and remain that way even today.

In his interview with the Christian Post, Qureshi explained that Muslim countries don’t share the Western ideal of being able to “commune with God,” noting that this is a Christian concept. Dreams, many times, are the solution to this connective problem.

“In Islam, for example, people don’t expect to have God talk back to them personally, as the Holy Spirit isn’t living in them,” he said. “They ask God for guidance through dreams; that’s like the one way that Muslims expect to hear from God.”

Qureshi shared examples from his own upbringing, including his father’s use of the salat istikharaprayer, an invocation to ask God to guide one’s path. He said his father would use this when attempting to get answers about taking a new job or when making other major choices.

This practice comes from a hadith, or Islamic tradition, in which the Prophet Muhammad said, “The dreams of the faithful are prophetic,” according to Qureshi. Another hadith reads, “dreams are 1/46th of revelation.” Both of these sentiments are part of Islamic tradition.

This isn’t the first time a Muslim-turned-Christian has claimed that Jesus reached out through a dream.

[H/T TheBlaze]

Six Taliban

Six Taliban Killed With One Bullet

A British sniper killed six Taliban fighters with a single bullet in a shot that has been hailed as the greatest since the invention of the gun. At a range of more than half a mile, the 20-year-old struck a terrorist who was rigged with explosives. The would-be suicide bomber’s vest detonated, killing five fellow fighters. Britain’s Ministry of Defense believes the shot has surpassed all previous records of its kind. “I’m sure there are tales of heroics from the Second World War which would rival it but certainly in recent memory no one has achieved such a thing,” a military official told The Daily Beast.


The bullet was fired from an L115 long-range rifle, adapted from the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum. The same weapon already held the record for the longest recorded sniper kill, another shot fired by a British soldier, who killed a Taliban target in Helmand province from more than 1.5 miles away.

The British military believes the six-man shot, which took place in Kakaran in southern Afghanistan last December, foiled a large-scale coordinated suicide attack as a second explosive vest was discovered nearby.

The marksman, a lance corporal in the Coldstream Guards, was 930 yards from his target when he squeezed the trigger. There was a short pause after the subsequent explosion and he said over the radio: “I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber.”

The incident was one of the rare direct gun battles still ongoing in Afghanistan as British and American troops withdraw from the country. Several hundred British and Afghan soldiers were carrying out an operation at the end of last year when the sniper spotted a potential attacker.

“The guy was wearing a vest. He was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch,” Lieutenant Colonel Richard Slack told The Telegraph. “He had a shawl on. It rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun. They were in contact and he was moving to a firing position. The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded.”

With his first shot on the tour of duty, the same sniper killed a Taliban machine-gunner from 1,465 yards.

Six Taliban

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Megyn Kelly Exposes CAIR for Defending Violence Against Women

It’s refreshing to see someone in the media who doesn’t automatically back down from the Hamas front-group CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). CAIR has been trying to shut down open discussion of honor-violence, most recently by condemning the film The Honor Diaries. After attempting to shame Fox News into silence on honor-violence (so that Islamic misogyny can continue unhindered by non-Islamic values), CAIR was routed by the dauntless Megyn Kelly.


By attacking those who openly discuss violence against women in Islamic countries, CAIR is defending the violence. Here’s an extended clip from The Honor Diaries to show what CAIR wants to conceal:

[H/T Answering Muslims]

Click here to learn more about women in Islam.

Muslims Massacre 80

Muslims Massacre 80 Christians In Horrific Massacre, And Desecrate Churches

Muslims entered the Armenian village of Kessab on March 21st, and killed eighty Christians and desecrated several churches.

They forced the civilians to flee up to the hills. The Syrian Army and the Self Defense Force militia (SDF) fought for three days and drove the jihadists out, on March 25th.

What is very significant is the fact that that these jihadists were sent by the Turkish government, and that the Turkish government was actually shelling the village of Kessab. Here is a video obtained by, of a villager revealing how the Turks shelled the village, and of a poor Christian weeping as he explains how the Muslims attacked him and shot his wife in the head as they were driving, and how he drove in a hot chase pursuit as the terrorists shot at him. Watch the video and see the misery and pain these people go through:

The Muslim attackers took two guard posts overlooking Kessab, and Islamic snipers then began to aim and fire upon the Christian civilians. The local Armenian leadership committee was able to evacuate 670 families into areas in neighboring Basit and Latakia (may God bless them!)

On March 22nd, Syrian soldiers executed a counteroffensive on the jihadists, but on the 23rd the Muslims took the remaining Armenian families hostage and then proceeded to desecrate the town’s three Armenian villages. was able to obtain several videos of the battle in the village between the jihadists and Syrian soldiers in the village:

Video of jihadists entering the village, they even have a tank:

Here is footage of jihadists entering the Sakhra police department in Kessab

Another video of intense fighting between Syrian soldiers and jihadists:

Bashar al-Assad’s government protested to the UN to take Turkey into account for giving cover for the terrorists as they crossed the border into Kessab. Ken Hachikian of the Armenian National Committee of America made it clear that it is Turkey who is responsible for this attack on the village, and made this protestation:

The Armenian-American community stands united in seeking to reverse the events of the last several days, which has seen militant extremists stream into Kessab from Turkey. We are strongly urging our government, led by President [Barack] Obama and congressional leaders, to send a firm message to Ankara that the safe haven and safe passage being offered to these militant groups intent on destroying Kessab must end … Turkey’s facilitation of al-Qaeda affiliated foreign fighters and their attacks on innocent civilians in Syria undermines ongoing US and international efforts to bring peace to a country ravaged by violence for far too long. For Armenians in the region and around the world, Turkey’s actions are a horrifying and bitter reminder of the genocide committed against the Armenian, Pontian and Syriac communities by Ottoman Turkish authorities from 1915-1923. has been for years exposing Turkey’s plans to revive the Ottoman Empire, and there is no doubt that they want to resume and ultimately finish where they left off in the Armenian Genocide. reported on the human slaughterhouses going on in Syria right now, and how they are massacring Armenian Christians in these houses of slaughter. Turkey is the driving force behind the jihad in Syria, and there is no doubt that they are organizing this violence to annihilate the Christians there.

Muslims Massacre 80

[H/T Walid Shoebat]


Obama s Plot

Obama’s Plot To Cover For His Terror-linked Brother

The Barack Obama administration is stepping up its efforts to bring a warlord named Joseph Kony to justice. But common sense tells us that such effort is simply a political ploy; the U.S. Administration simply wants to portray Kony as “Christian terrorist”. Why else does the Obama Administration continue to avoid identifying who is behind Kony? The Washington Post reported that the number of Special ops forces in the region is being more than doubled and that military aircraft are being sent to there to assist in the effort that began almost three years ago.

Joseph Kony: Look for the left to paint him as a “Christian fundamentalist”

Kony, who heads a group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is responsible for the commission of heinous atrocities in and around Uganda and South Sudan. These acts include raiding villages, rape, and forcing young boys to murder their parents before making them join the LRA as soldiers.

According to multiple sources, the man behind Kony is a man that Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama works for – Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, as was first reported by In 2010, the Global Post reported that the “LRA has long enjoyed the patronage of… Omar al-Bashir”. In 2012, the African Globe reported that al-Bashir government “renewed its military support to LRA rebels”. KPFA’s Ann Garrison reported at the time that U.S. Special Forces in Uganda also pointed the finger of blame directly at Omar al-Bashir.

In October of 2011, Obama sent approximately 100 Special Operations forces to Africa to help arrest Kony. This deployment was announced less than one month after the release of a Hollywood film entitled, Machine Gun Preacher, which was based on the true story of Sam Childers, who has been helping orphaned children in the area for more than a decade. While Childers is quite familiar with Kony, he too acknowledges that the real force behind him is al-Bashir.

In March of 2012, a left-wing group known as Invisible Children released a video entitled Kony 2012. The stated objective of the project was to “Make Kony famous” in order to help call attention to him and bring him to justice. The film had a surreal aspect to it with Hollywood celebrities and the Obama administration helping it become the “Most Viral Video in History”. The film, like the Obama administration, made no mention of al-Bashir being the force behind Kony. The meteoric rise of the film lasted less than two weeks. Its crash seemed to coincide with producer Jason Russell running naked through the streets of downtown San Diego in broad daylight.

Invisible Children’s Jason Russell quite visible on the streets of San Diego.

Of course, while Malik Obama working for al-Bashir very well could help explain why the Obama administration doesn’t want to call out al-Bashir along with Kony, there is another potentially political dynamic to be exploited. Al-Bashir is a Muslim fundamentalist and belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood. Kony is not a Muslim. In fact, as far back as 1996, Kony was labeled by Bob Drogin of the Los Angeles Times as a “Christian fundamentalist”.

Such an assertion is ludicrous but if Kony is captured, left-wing and mainstream media outlets very well may attempt the same technique.

How many Christian fundamentalists do you know who do the bidding of Muslim fundamentalists?


Kony and Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir.

Recently, the New York Daily News reported that the “H” was dropped from Obama’s presidential library foundation. “Initially Obama’s library was called the Barack H. Obama Foundation, but the non-profit dropped the “H” — that refers to Obama’s middle name Hussein. Obama’s half brother, Abon’go Malik Obama, operates a bare bones website for the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to remembering their late father.”

So what legal defense does the president have now? His brother Malik’s scandal cannot be ignored and Barack cannot say that he never knew what Malik was doing since the foundation bearing his name has been specifically altered to differentiate it from his brother’s foundation.

Here is Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers explaining that al-Bashir is the real force behind Kony:

[H/T Walid Shoebat]