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Frustrated Father Who ‘Obliterated’ Common Core in Viral Post Shares How His Son’s Teacher Reacted

Jeff Severt recently grew so frustrated with his second-grader’s Common Core math assignments that, rather than simply help his son with the homework, he wrote in his own response on one of the questions.

“I have a bachelor of science degree in electronics engineering which included extensive study in differential equations and other higher math applications,” he wrote. “Even I cannot explain the Common Core mathematics approach, nor get the answer correct.”

“In the real world, simplification is valued over complication,” he added, signing the letter as a “frustrated parent.”

frustrated parent

Many would be afraid the school would retaliate against their child if they spoke out, but Severt said on The Glenn Beck Program Tuesday that the teacher handled it wonderfully.

“The teachers are caught up in this themselves,” he said. “They are more frustrated than the parents!”

Severt added that his family respects, admires, and supports the teacher, and she thought his message was “great” and, in fact, “totally agrees.”

Glenn Beck

Beck said he actually “cheered” when he saw Severt’s letter, and he imagines many parents across America did the same. He said the note absolutely “obliterated” Common Core mathematics.

Severt said he never expected the response to go viral the way it did, and added with a laugh that he certainly would have “cleaned it up” had he known.

Watch the complete interview, below:

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