Mia Love Pulls No Punches When Asked Where She Stands on Obamacare

Martha Raddatz of ABC News’ “This Week” sounded and looked a bit incredulous on Sunday when she asked newly-elected House Republican Mia Love if she supports Sen. Ted Cruz’s plan to “do everything humanly possible to stop Obamacare.”


Unaffected by Raddatz’ not-so-subtle query, Love replied in a decidedly straightforward manner, explaining that she has campaign promises to uphold.

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“Look, I was elected by my district to make sure that we get the decision-making back in their hands,” said Love, who’s set to represent Utah’s 4th congressional district. “And I’ve said I was going to do everything I can to repeal and replace it with something that is functional…with broad health-care reforms, free-market health-care reforms. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

When Love narrowly defeated Democratic rival Doug Owens for an open Democratic seat in November, she became the first black Republican woman elected to the U.S. House.

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