Eric Holder

New York Times Goes After Eric Holder on Press Freedom

(H/T TheBlaze)

In a week when journalists have spoken out about the Obama administration’s treatment of the news media, the New York Times editorial board said outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder should make changes to the Department of Justice attitude toward press freedom before leaving his post.

Eric Holder

The Times editorial board said Holder “bears responsibility for undermining robust journalism by his overzealous leak investigations and his opposition to recognizing a reporter’s constitutional or common law privilege to protect sources.”

The newspaper editorial board has been critical of Holder’s Justice Department in the past regarding the leak investigations and treatment of reporters.

A group of news media representatives was scheduled to meet with Justice Department officials Thursday, according to the Times.

Instead of guidelines that previously said prosecutors should not “impair the news gathering function” of journalists, Holder’s DOJ said prosecutors should not issue subpoenas that “might unreasonably impair ordinary news gathering.” That could leave open interpretation to prosecutors for “unreasonably” and “ordinary,” the Times said.

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